Name / Contact Title / Interests / Course
BAO, Zhigang  (PhD Zhejiang Univ)
  Room 3429   Tel: 23587416
鮑志剛 Assistant Professor
Probability theory; Statistical Physics; High-dimensional statistics
CAI, Jian-Feng  (PhD Chinese Univ of Hong Kong)
  Room 3443   Tel: 3469 2248
蔡劍鋒 Associate Professor
Computational harmonic analysis, optimization, numerical linear algebra, and their applications to the imaging sciences and inverse problems
CHAN, Tony Fan-Cheong  (PhD Stanford)
  Room 6349   Tel: 23586101
陳繁昌 Chair Professor
Mathematical image processing and computer vision; Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) physical design and computational brain mapping
CHANG, Huai-Liang  (PhD Stanford)
  Room 3490   Tel: 23587454
張懷良 Associate Professor
Algebraic Geometry and String Theory
CHASNOV, Jeffrey R  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3456   Tel: 23587448
齊士樂 Professor
Turbulence simulation and theory; evolutionary genetics; scientific computation
CHEN, Bei-Fang  (PhD State Univ of New York, Buffalo)
  Room 3438   Tel: 23587449
陳北方 Professor
Combinatorics; graph theory; topology/geometry
CHEN, Kani  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3426   Tel: 23587425
Survival analysis; sequential analysis; boot-strapping; empirical process; stochastic modeling; missing data and EM algorithm
   MAFS6100A MAFS6100B MAFS6100C
CHIANG, Yik-Man  (PhD London)
  Room 3481   Tel: 23587441
蔣翼邁 Associate Professor
Complex function theory; ordinary differential equations in the complex plane; orthogonal polynomials; difference equations
FONG, Tsz Ho  (PhD Stanford)
  Room 3488   Tel: 23582243
方子豪 Assistant Professor
Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Geometry
FUNG, Jimmy Chi-Hung  (PhD Cambridge)
  Room 3452   Tel: 23587419
馮志雄 Professor
Meteorology and air pollution problems in urban and coastal areas such as Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta; computational fluid dynamics and turbulent research
GAN, Jian-Ping  (PhD McGill)
  Room 3482   Tel: 23587421
甘劍平 Chair Professor
Ocean circulation and ecosystem modeling; ocean dynamics and coastal oceanography
HU, Ji-Shan  (PhD Princeton)
  Room 3455   Tel: 23587434
胡繼善 Professor
Applied analysis; integrable systems
HUANG, Jing-Song  (PhD Massachusetts Inst of Tech)
  Room 3459   Tel: 23587450
黃勁松 Chair Professor
Representation theory; Lie theory; noncommutative harmonic analysis
IP, Ivan Chi-Ho  (PhD Yale)
  Room 3483   Tel: 23587431
葉智皓 Assistant Professor
Representation Theory, Quantum Groups, Cluster Algebra, Integrable Systems
JIN, Tianling  (PhD Rutgers)
  Room 3470   Tel: 23587417
金天靈 Assistant Professor
Partial Differential Equations
JING, Bing-Yi  (PhD Sydney)
  Room 3437   Tel: 23587458
荊炳義 Professor
Probability and statistics; financial mathematics econometrics; bioinformatics
KWOK, Yue-Kuen  (PhD Brown)
  Room 3445   Tel: 23587418
郭宇權 Professor
Financial mathematics; derivatives pricing and credit risk modeling
   MAFS6100A MAFS6100B
LEUNG, Shing-Yu  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 3434   Tel: 23587414
梁承裕 Associate Professor
Numerical methods for partial differential equations and scientific computing
LI, Dong  (PhD Princeton)
  Room 3447   Tel: 23587423
李楝 Professor
PDE and analysis
LI, Jian-Shu  (PhD Yale)
  Room 3458   Tel: 23587437
勵建書 Chair Professor
Representation theory; automorphic forms
LI, Kin-Yin  (PhD Univ of California, Berkeley)
  Room 3471   Tel: 23587420
李健賢 Associate Professor
Complex function theory; Hilbert space operator theory; functional analysis
LI, Wei-Ping  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3427   Tel: 23587432
李衛平 Chair Professor
Algebraic geometry
LING, Shi-Qing  (PhD Univ of Hong Kong)
  Room 3460   Tel: 23587459
凌仕卿 Professor
Large sample theory; empirical processes; nonstationary time series; nonlinear time series; long memory time series; econometrics
  Room 3492   Tel: 3469 2245
Assistant Professor
Representation theory, algebraic combinatorics
MENG, Guo-Wu  (PhD Brown)
  Room 3484   Tel: 23587451
孟國武 Professor
Physics-inspired mathematics
MOY, Allen  (PhD Chicago)
  Room 3439   Tel: 23587422
Chair Professor
Representation theory; Lie theory
MU, Mo  (PhD Academia Sinica)
  Room 3436   Tel: 23587446
穆 默 Professor
Network computing; parallel computing; scientific simulation; numerical software; numerical solution to PDEs
QIAN, Tie-Zheng  (PhD CAS Beijing)
  Room 3424   Tel: 23587443
錢鐵錚 Associate Head / Professor
Molecular and continuum simulations of complex fluids; multiscale modeling and simulations; statstical physics
SONG, Yangqiu  (PhD Tsinghua University)
  Room 3508   Tel: 23586987
宋陽秋 Assistant Professor
Knowledge graph, text mining, information extraction, machine learning
UHLMANN, Gunther  (PhD Massachusetts Inst of Tech)
  IAS 4010   Tel: 3469 2460
IAS Si Yuan Professor / Chair Professor
Inverse Problems and Imaging, Partial Differential Equations, Microlocal Analysis, Scattering Theory
WANG, Xiao-Ping  (PhD New York)
  Room 3462   Tel: 23587412
王筱平 Head / Chair Professor
Applied and computational mathematics; nonlinear partial differential equations
WANG, Yang  (PhD Harvard)
  Room 3422   Tel: 23587424
汪 揚 Chair Professor
Wavelets and analysis, tiling, fractal geometry, digital signal processing, analog to digital conversion, supply chain management
WONG, Man-Yu  (PhD London)
  Room 3431   Tel: 23587436
黃敏瑜 Professor
Error in variables model; statistical inference; generalized linear models; biological and medical statistics
WU, Li-Xin  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 3449   Tel: 23587435
吳立昕 Professor
Numerical analysis; computational fluid dynamics; finance mathematics
XIANG, Yang  (PhD New York)
  Room 3476   Tel: 23587430
項 陽 Professor
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science; Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; Image Processing
XIONG, Mao-Sheng  (Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  Room 3477   Tel: 23587456
熊茂勝 Associate Professor
Number theory, in particular problems arising from different areas where powerful analytic methods, such as methods of sieves, L-functions and more recent advances of additive combinatorics, can apply
XU, Kun  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3444   Tel: 23587433
徐 昆 Chair Professor
Computational fluid dynamics; gas kinetic schemes; rarefied gas; heat transfer
YAN, Min  (PhD Chicago)
  Room 3487   Tel: 23587442
嚴 民 Professor
Integrable systems; Hopf algebra; geometric topology; combinatorics
  Room 3432   Tel: 23587462
楊燦 Assistant Professor
Statistical machine learning; Statistical genetics and genomics; Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
YAO, Yuan  (PhD University of California at Berkeley)
  Room 3430   Tel: 23587461
姚遠 Associate Professor
Topological & geometric methods in data analysis, statistical machine learning, applications in computer and life sciences
ZHANG, Hai  (PhD Michigan State)
  Room 3442   Tel: 23587439
張 海 Assistant Professor
Applied Math, Inverse Problems, Wave Propagation, Imaging, Super-resolution.
ZHU, Yong-Chang  (PhD Yale)
  Room 3425   Tel: 23587447
朱永昌 Professor
Infinite dimensional Lie algebras; algebras and quantum groups; vertex operator algebras; conformal field theory

BAIN, Thomas 
Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Fixed income securities; Financial markets and institutions; Global banking regulations and policies; Leadership advisory
DU, Qiang  (PhD Carnegie Mellon)
  Room 3463   Tel: 23587460
杜 強 Adjunct Professor
Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing
GUO, Yves Zhiyi  (PhD Ecole Centrale Paris)
郭志毅 Associate Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Structured products and solutions; Credit derivatives and assets
LEE, Fai Man Christopher 
李輝敏 Associate Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Financial Markets and Institutions; Structured Products and Solutions
SHAO, Qiman 
  Room 3463   Tel: 23587460
邵啟滿 Adjunct Professor
Asymptotic theory in probability and statistics; Self-normalized limit theory; Stein method for normal and non-normal approximation; High-dimensional and large scale statistical analysis
SHUM, Chung-Dak  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 5378   Tel: 23588789
岑松德 Associate Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Computational finance; Financial data modeling; Risk management systems
WONG, Chak Kei Jack  (PhD Oxford University)
王澤基 Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Quantitative and statistical risk analysis; Machine learning and Fintech; Financial data mining; Credit valuation adjustment and funding
YAM, Chit-Hong 
  Room 3463   Tel: 23587460
任哲航 Adjunct Assistant Professor
ZHANG, Tong 
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
Adjunct Professor

CHAN, Kwing-Lam  (PhD Princeton)
  Retired on 30 June 2015  
陳炯林 Professor Emeritus
Planetary and lunar research; computational astrophysics; applied mathematics
CHENG, Shiu-Yuen  (PhD Berkeley)
  Retired on 30 June 2014  
鄭紹遠 Professor Emeritus
Differential Geometry, Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Game Theory
HSIANG, Wu-Yi  (PhD Princeton)
  Retired on 30 June 2003  
項武義 Professor Emeritus
Differential geometry; transformation group; classical geometry; celestial mechanics; quantum mechanics
HSIEH, Din-Yu  (PhD Caltech)
  Retired on 30 June 1998  
謝定裕 Professor Emeritus
Waves and stability; asymptotic methods; two-phase flows; combustion theory; fluid dynamics; asymptotics
HUI, Wai-How Grafton  (PhD, DSc Southampton)
  Retired on 30 June 2004  
許為厚 Professor Emeritus
Computational Fluid Dynamics; Aerodynamic Stability Theory of High Speed Flight; Nonlinear Water Wave Theory; Similarity Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
YANG, Chung-Chun  (PhD Wisconsin)
  Retired on 30 June 2008  
楊重駿 Professor
Real and Complex analysis, value distribution and its applications, complex dynamics, p-adic analysis
YU, Kun-Rui   (Dr. rer. nat. Bonn)
  Retired on 30 June 2006  
於坤瑞 Professor Emeritus
Transcendental number theory; Diophantine approximations

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