The Mathematics Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was established together with the University in 1991. From its founding, the HKUST Mathematics Department has attracted many talented mathematicians from throughout the world, and has fostered the development of an intensive mathematical research culture in Hong Kong. Excellence in research and in teaching are the two pillars on which we base our department. Teaching is the primary duty of the department. Several of our faculty have been the recipients of the School of Science and University teaching awards. As a department, we strive to nurture our students. The department has approximately 600 undergraduate students, and 50 postgraduate students, the largest enrollment in Hong Kong.
We offer two undergraduate programs which can be applied through one single choice School of Science (JUPAS code: 5001):

- BSc in Mathematics with six tracks of study
- BSc in Mathematics and Economics

In their second year, students may join the exchange program. Donations from our faculty and friends have allowed us to establish the Epsilon Fund to recognize outstanding academic achievements by our students. For the top students, after graduation, over the years quite a number of them got PG programs offers to study abroad. Questions may be directed to the UG coordinator Jeffrey Chasnov
For our postgraduate programs, we offer the followings three choices:-

- MSc in Financial Mathematics
- MPhil in Mathematics
- PhD in Mathematics

Questions may be directed to the PG coordinator Tie-Zheng QIAN. Mainland students may contact Min Yan.

Rm. 3461, Lift 25-26, Department of Mathematics
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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