Jian-Feng Cai

Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

E-mail: jfcai@ust.hk        Phone: +852 3469 2248        Office: 3443

Short Vita


  • Spring 2018: MATH 3322 Matrix Computation
  • Spring 2018: MATH 6380M Mathematical Foundations of Imaging II
  • Spring 2018: MSBD 5004 Mathematical Methods for Data Analysis

Research Interests

My research mainly focuses on the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for real-world problems (e.g., data analysis, signal/image processing, machine learning), using tools from computational harmonic analysis, approximation theory, numerical linear algebra, optimization, and probability.

Publications (Search for my publications and citations at Google Scholar)


  • H.Q. Cai, J.-F. Cai, and K. Wei, Accelerated Alternating Projections for Robust Principal Component Analysis, preprint. pdf
  • W. Xu, J. Yi, S. Dasgupta, J.-F. Cai, M. Jacob, and M. Cho, Separation-Free Super-Resolution from Compressed Measurements is Possible: an Orthonormal Atomic Norm Minimization Approach, preprint. pdf
  • J.-F. Cai, H. Liu, and Y. Wang, Fast Rank One Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Phase Retrieval, preprint. pdf
  • J.-F. Cai, T. Wang, and K. Wei, Spectral Compressed Sensing via Projected Gradient Descent, preprint. pdf
  • K. Wei, J.-F. Cai, T.F. Chan and S. Leung, Guarantees of Riemannian Optimization for Low Rank Matrix Completion, preprint. pdf

Journal Papers

  1. J.-F. Cai, Y. Rong, Y. Wang, and Z. Xu, Data Recovery on a Manifold from Linear Samples: Theory and Computation, Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, to appear. pdf
  2. J.-F. Cai, T. Wang, and K. Wei, Fast and Provable Algorithms for Spectrally Sparse Signal Reconstruction via Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Completion, Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal., to appear. pdf Supplementary Material
  3. J. Ying, H. Lu, Q. Wei, J.-F. Cai, D. Guo, J. Wu, Z. Chen, X. Qu, Hankel matrix nuclear norm regularized tensor completion for N-dimensional exponential signals, IEEE Trans. Signal Process., 65(14):3702--3717, 2017. pdf
  4. H. Liu, J.-F. Cai, and Y. Wang, Subspace Clustering by (k, k)-sparse Matrix Factorization, Inverse Probl. Imaging, 11(3):539--551, 2017.
  5. Y. Wang, G. Wang, S. Mao, W. Cong, Z. Ji, J.-F. Cai, and Y. Ye, A Spectral Interior CT by a Framelet-Based Reconstruction Algorithm, Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, 24(6): 771--785, 2016.
  6. Y. Wang, G. Wang, S. Mao, W. Cong, Z. Ji, J.-F. Cai, and Y. Ye, A framelet-based iterative maximum-likelihood reconstruction algorithm for spectral CT, Inverse Problems, 32(11):115021(16pp), 2016.
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  10. Z. Zhan, J.-F. Cai, D. Guo, Y. Liu, Z. Chen, and X. Qu, Fast Multi-class Dictionaries Learning with Geometrical Directions in MRI Reconstruction, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 63(9):1850--1861, 2016. Code
  11. J.-F. Cai, B. Dong, and Z. Shen, Image Restorations: A Wavelet Frame Based Model for Piecewise Smooth Functions and Beyond, Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal., 41(1):94--138, 2016. pdf
  12. J.-F. Cai and W. Xu, Guarantees of Total Variation Minimization for Signal Recovery, Inf. Inference, 4(4):328--353, 2015. pdf (A preliminary short version is published in Allerton 2013)
  13. M. Cho, K.V. Mishra, J.-F. Cai, and W. Xu, Block Iterative Reweighted Algorithms for Super-Resolution of Spectrally Sparse Signals, IEEE Signal Process. Lett., 22(12): 2319--2323, 2015. pdf
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Proceeding Papers

  1. J.-F. Cai, W. Xu, and Y. Yang, Large Scale 2D Spectral Compressed Sensing in Continuous Domain, 2017 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2017.
  2. M. Cho, J.-F. Cai, S. Liu, Y.C. Eldar, and W. Xu, Fast Alternating Projected Gradient Descent Algorithms for Recovering Spectrally Sparse Signals, 2016 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), pp. 4638--4642, 2016.
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Research Grants


  • Suhui Liu, PhD in Mathematics, University of Iowa, 2017. First job: Lecturer, Wuhan Institute of Technology.
  • Tianyi Zhang, PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences, University of Iowa, 2015. First job: Algorithmic Trader, Shanghai Cyndi Investment Co. Ltd.