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CHAN, Kwing Lam

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Room 3451

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Tu Th 16:30-17:30  (must make appointment for other time)


     Chan Zeta Yun Hung

Text Book:

Calculus by Adams and Essex, 8th Edition, Publisher: Pearson


Calculus  by Briggs, Cochran, and Gillett,  Publisher: Pearson

Allocation of Marks:





Midterm Exam   

1.5 hours


 25 October 2014     10:00 am -12:00 noon

Final Exam

3 hours









  1. I primarily follow the lecture notes. The topics and materials to be discussed and to be included in the examinations are all in the notes.
  2. The text book does match the notes rather well (though not exactly).  It provides good figures and more exercises for you to practice.
  3. Homework includes 12 sets of exercises to be completed online.
  4. There is also a collection of supplementary problems for more practice. Solutions are provided.
  5. Examinations normally have about 70% of the problems similar to the demanding ones in lecture examples, homework, or supplementary problems.  About 30% of the problems can be more tricky, but all can be handled by the course materials. Only HKEA approved calculators are allowed in exams. Bring you student ID card.
  6. No past papers are available.
  7. If you miss the midterm due to a valid (e.g. hospitalization) and well proven reason (original documents must be submitted for verification), the only alternative is to move all the midterm marks to the final.
  8. If you miss the final due to a valid and well proven reason , the only possible make up is an oral examination.

Study Hints:

  1. Attending lectures are essential. That will save you a lot of time. If you rely on reading the text book, the time you need to spend would be much more than going to lectures.  By design, the supplied notes do not provide all details (it is not a text book).  You can only obtain the details in lectures.
  2. In the same day after each lecture, do the following:
  3. Though the homework do not weigh a lot in the mark allocation, they are essential for your understanding of the materials and will eventually determine your grade.  
  4. Don't feel intimidated by the words `Definition' and `Theorem'.  Definitions inform you about the exact contents of concepts.  Theorems tell you about important relations among the concepts.  Both are for making the description of concepts and ideas precise and concise.
  5. There are two levels of thinking.  The basic level is the pictorial connection of concepts and ideas.  The higher level is the logical connection.  In this course, you'll need to exercise both types of thinking.  Topics on limit and differentiation demand logical reasoning.  The later topics (multiple integrals, vector fields) need good 3D intuition.

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