family Jilin 吉林: Changchun 長春 2011

previous Changchun administration was set up in 1800. In 1901, the Russians built South Manchuria Railway as an extension of Chinese Eastern Railway, and set up Kuanchengzi train station. In 1905, the Russians gave up the part of the railway to the south of Changchun to the Japanese. From 1932 to 1945, Changchun was changed to Xinjing (New Capital), the capital of Manchuria state. next

上一幅 長春廳設立於1800年。1901年,沙俄建成了中東鐵路支線,設立寬城子火車站。1905年沙俄將長春以南的中東鐵路支線割讓與日本。1932至1945年,長春成為新京,即滿洲國的首都。下一幅