family Jilin 吉林: Changchun Manchuria 長春滿洲國 2009, 2011

previous The imperial palace was a temproary one. The formal palace was planned in 1932, to be modeled on the Forbidden City in Beijing. The building of the new palace started in 1938 and stopped in 1941. In 1953, the Changchun Geology Institute was built on the foundation of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. next

上一幅 現存的滿洲國皇宮只是臨時的,正式的偽滿皇宮從1932年開始規劃設計,仿北京故宮,包括太和殿、寢宮、御花園、廣場、前門、天安門及左右牌坊等。1938年動工,1941年停建。1953年,在原太和殿基礎上修建了長春地質學院教學樓,就是今日的地質宮。下一幅