family Math2111 Software

Options for Using Software

MatLab: Can be accessed by installing vmware horizon client.

Mathematica: Can also be accessed from vmware. However, MATLAB is the preferred choice for engineers.

Ovtave Online: This is a free online software that is supposed to copy MatLab functions. I do not know how much is duplicated.

Online Calculator: There are many online linear algebra calculators. Do an internet search for "online rref calculator", for example. These are much less powerful (although may be sufficient for our course). Moreover, you may need different online calculator for different calculations. Therefore this is not preferred if you can use vwware.


Download vmware horizon client and install on your laptop or mobile device such as iPad.

Follow the instruction on how to use vwware. Once you reach virtual desktop, you can click MATLAB. Wolfram Mathematica is another math calculation software.

Some Resources for Linear Algebra on MatLab

A simple guide for using MatLab for linear algebra.

A more comprehensive guide for using MatLab for linear algebra.