family Math2111 Syllabus


  lecture tutorial
Time Tue, Thu (A)Fri (B)Wed (C)Fri
10:30 - 11:50 10:30 - 11:20 12:00 - 12:50 13:00 - 13:50
Venue LTG 1401 2304 2306
Instructor YAN Min WANG Jing-Jing HUANG Yiyi
Office 3487 3011 3213
Phone 23587442 23587455 23587466


My own lecture note is posted on-line. No textbook from the market will be used.


Basic geometrical imagination, solving systems of linear equations.


The course is normal linear algebra with applications to electric engineering.

System of Linear Equations

Gauss elimination, row operation, row echelon form, rank.

Euclidean Space

Euclidean vector, dot product, subspace, dimension, basis of Euclidean space.

Linear Transformation

Matrix of transformation, matrix operation, range and kernel, inverse, block matrix.

Orthogonal Projection

Orthogonal basis, Gram-Schmidt, QR decomposition, orthogonal projection, least square.


Volume, orientation, geometric property, algebraic definition, cofactor expansion.




No hard copies of the homework will be distributed. Please check my web page for the latest assignments. Usually you have one week to do the homework. The answer will be put on my web page after the homework is collected. Absolutely no late homework will be accepted.

Exam and Grade

There will be one midterm and one final exam, accounting for 30% and 50% respectively of the final grade. The homework is counted as 20% of the final grade.


The syllabus is subject to change as circumstances arise.

As my usual practice, I try to make the homework as light as possible. However, doing homework alone is definitely not sufficient for really understanding the subject. You should do as many additional problems as possible.