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Class for Math Module

Venue: Room 2407.

Schedule: Tuesdays (Feb 7, 14, 21) and Fridays (Feb 9, 16, 23), room 2407.

Exam: Saturday, March 18, 9:30 - 11:30.

Instructor: Min Yan, room 3487,, 23587442.


Lecture note for the course.

The Story of Mathematics.


The Story of 1 by BBC. Is “one, two, many” a myth? from Number Warrior.

Numerical systems in different cultures, Numerical system in Quora (unlimited knowledge, one of my favorite sites).

Base of number system: Wiki, A tutorial on number system conversion, Another tutorial, Binary and hexadecimal number systems from Khan Academy.

Modular arithmetic: Wiki, A tutorial from Art of Problem Solving, Tutorial and exercise from Khan Academy.

Divisibility test: Quora, Wiki, Proof of divisibility test from Art of Problem Solving.

Color: There are several aspects of this fascinating topic. First is physical (electromagnetic radiation). Second is vision (human eye, and animal eye). Third is computer code (besides RGB, there is also CYMK). One can find lots of materials on the internet.

How to read binary clock.

Riemannian Geometry.

Roman: Number system, Arithmetic, A blog.

Egypt: Number system, Lots of links to Egyptian fractions, A very detailed discussion on Egyptian fractions.

Elements by Euclid