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Paulina and Min first met in the Maxim resturant in the Metrocity, together with another common friend. We forgot exactly what we ate but Paulina had some flu.

Two weeks later, one day after the Valentine's day, Min invited Paulina for a hiking in Sai Kung. We talked quite a lot. A normally 3 hours trip was stretched to seven hours.

A week later, Min proposed a more personal relation during a lunch in Pak Sha Wan resturant.

On a beautiful November night, we came back to the same resturant in Pak Sha Wan. Min made yet another proposal, this time to seal the relation forever.

We were officially husband and wife in Tsim Sha Tsui Marriage Registry and the party was held in The Repulse Bay.

We never thought it was possible to find the other half who can share the same values and wide interests until we met each other. Paulina has many ideas and Min is methodical. Interestingly, we become the best partner in achieving our common goal. We believe our life will be much enriched thereafter. May God bless us!