Preprints and Unpublished Manuscripts

  1. Selective extraction of entangled textures via adaptive PDE transform (with Guowei Wei and Siyang Yang)

  2. Regularity of refinable functions (with Zhiqiang Xu).

  3. Spectral tetris fusion frame constructions (with P. Casazza, M. Fickus, A. Heinecke and Z. Zhou).

  4. Mode decomposition evolution equations (with Guowei Wei and Siyang Yang)

  5. The performance of PCM quantization under tight frame representations (with Zhiqiang Xu).

  6. Phase aliasing correction for robust blind source separation using DUET. (with Ozgur Yilmaz and Zhengfang Zhou)
    Listen to the audio demonstration files for this paper.

  7. Multiscale total variation method for denoising natural color photos in digital photography. (with Haomin Zhou)

  8. A new approach for analyzing physiological time series. (with D. Mao and Q. Wu)

  9. Empirical mode decomposition analysis for visual stylometry. (with J. Hughes, D. Mao, D. Rockmore and Q. Wu)

  10. On the convergence of iterative filtering empirical mode decomposition. (with Zhengfang Zhou)

  11. The three hat problem. (with Brian Benson)

  12. On finite sets which tiles the integers. (with A. Granville and I. Laba)

  13. Multiscale total variation and multiscale anisotropic diffusion algorithms for image denoising. (with T. Chan and H. Zhou)

  14. Tiling of Z2 by a set of four elements. (with Dejun Feng)

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