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About the Math Support Center - MSC

MSC provides informal tutoring support on drop-in basis primarily to students taking common core or service mathematics courses, especially courses using the WeBWorK or Classviva online homework system.

MSC Location: Room 3011-3013 (Lift 3 or Lift 2).

During the operating hours of the MSC, you can get some help with your mathematical problems from the MSC tutors on duty in the MSC. However, plan early for your MSC visits to avoid peak periods which often occur near the due days of WeBWorK homework.


MSC Hours, Fall 2019

Sep 2 - Dec 6

  • Monday to Friday: 12:00-18:00
  • MSC will be closed on public holidays

Additional MSC Hours in Winter

  • Jan 2 - Jan 22:  12:00-16:00
Dept of Math, HKUST