1. Iterative filtering decomposition based on local spectral evolution kernel. To appear in J. Scientific Computing (with Guowei Wei and Siyang Yang)

  2. Source extraction in audio via background learning. To appear in Inverse Problem and Imaging (with Zhengfang Zhou.)

    (Listen to these sample examples, which are real recordings, not artifiically mixed: Ex1 Mixture, Ex1 Source Extracted, Ex2. Mixture, Ex2. Source Extracted, Ex3. Mixture, Ex3. Source Extracted.)

  3. Sparse PCA by iterative elimination algorithm. To appear in Advances in Computational Math. (with Qiang Wu).

  4. Coarse quantization for random interleaved sampling of bandlimited signals. To appear in Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis. (with A. Powell, J. Tanner and O. Yilmaz)

  5. Reconstruction from Irregular Fourier Samples and Gaussian Spectral Mollifiers. To appear in Far East J. of Mathematics (with L. Wang)

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